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Post Posted: Mon Mar 17, 2008 7:16 pm   FREE ANACHARIS in Houston

Hi, I haven't visited the board in awhile, but I wanted to drop in because I know some of you like to feed anacharis to your turtles.

Sunday, a very nice man gave me two big bags packed full of anacharis. My pond AND two other water gardens are now full of anacharis, and I still have a bag and a half left. If you want some anacharis, you can email me at reptilegrrl at 00goddess dot net (or msg me through this website, but it might be a little longer til I respond) and you can have some FOR FREE. You have to come get it, though. I will meet you somewhere near my house (I live in the Heights) either today or tomorrow. (No, you can't come to my house, and no, I won't come to you or even go very far away, because I am busy this week.) I can seriously give you a LOT of anacharis

Right now the anacharis is doing ok in the plastic bags (it has some moisture and it's in the shade) but I don't know how long it will keep that way. So respond quickly!
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