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Post Posted: Thu Jun 04, 2009 10:51 am   pet discounters

I like them because they have variety and they are less expensive than high-end pet stores. I've bought things from them, too. There was only one thing I came to dislike, simply because of my personal taste when it comes to an aquarium. In any rate, their reptile and turtle sections are huge, their cuttlebone is nicely priced.

Take their product descriptions with a grain of salt. Use your common sense before you buy something. The 10 gallon basking log is cute, but it's not for turtles like they say it is. My turtles' loved it a lot, but, it's made of a very low density foam, absorbs a ton of water, and in my opinion, is a huge bacteria trap. I was glad I accidentally lost it. It's better for frogs anyways.
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