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Post Posted: Tue Feb 09, 2010 4:16 am   Rena Filstar XP4 for 181 dollars! UPS Shipping! ... 0398579092
I found this on eBay. This is what I ordered for my tank and it was sent new, sealed and worked fine. If anybody was looking for one of these then yeah. It's pretty cheap and easy to install. Keeps my tank clean but then again, I'm using it on 15 gallons of water. The store price is 220 dollars (from what I saw at PetSmart). Hope this helps you guys.
Here's what I got for my tank:
Jager 100w Heater $22.99 ... 0437010414
Mercury Vapor Bulb $50.09 (buy this with the heater to get cheaper combined shipping via UPS) ... 0387884990
Zoo Med Turtle Dock Large $19.90 ... ss_product
Rena Filstar XP4 $155.99 ... 0398579092
I got most of these for a bargain (in my opinion). Hope this helps you people.
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