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Post Posted: Fri May 30, 2008 11:54 pm   the story of my 2 red eared sliders. WARNING!:long story

i got 2 turtles that had a epic story yet they survived the worst. the female is called kitty nails because she was bought with 1 inch nails and lol. i got a baby red eared slider which is male and 2 inches. i can tell but ill explain in the story.

the story of small fry the 2 inch red eared slider:

i was at home with my brothers and i was bored. my dad called me from downstairs near the house on a bench. i went downstairs i saw a small box with something moving inside. i thought they wore frogs since they wore green i didn't know what they wore. he gave me some money i went to the store and i bought some chips. i came back he took off the cover and i saw 2 small turtles. oh sry i forgot to mention that he bought me these turtles because my dad bought a bird named Freddy and idk what age or sex so i named it Freddy. it died the next day and yeah then it starts up there with me and my brothers and stuff. anyway, i take them home and they looked fine happy and i played with them alot. so i didnt name them but 1 had a lighter shell color than the other i played with the darker shelled one. anyway thats the story. the sad part is the other one died since i didnt clean out the container it came with. so it got a eye infection and it died. soon later my dad brought a 5 gallon tank he found and a basking rock which is were i put my baby that survived. anyway thats how it happened and i had it from june to now lol and thats the story on how i got small fry.

the story of the 5 inch female kitty nails:

1 sunny cold day i was with my dad my mom and my little bother. so i went down the street and i saw a pet store. i went inside because i love seeing animals. i heard lots of bubbling from the filters and it was a small pet store. i walked further in and i said "do you have any turtles?" they pointed to the tank on the lower shelf and i saw about 10 red eared sliders in a 5 gallon tank. i felt really bad for all the space they was using for the little guys. anyway i wanted to follow my mom who went to a fish market and i went there. she wasnt there so i went back to the car. i told my dad i saw turtles really big ones and stuff. my dad stepped out of the car and he said show me. so we waled down the street i didnt know he wanted to see them so me and him went tot he fish market. and thats were my mom was since there was 2 fish markets and thats were we saw her. anyway, i told my dad ill show you but instead my dad he asked how much are they?. i told him 20 dollars. he pulled out his wallet and he gave me a 20 dollar bill my mom owed my dad. so he said go buy one. i didnt know he was serious untill i got into the store.i said uhhhhhhhhh give me a turtle and i pointed to the turtles. he reached into the tank he said "female" and he put it in a small box.i wanted a male but he already closed the box so i didnt wanna make truble. anyway i kept saying "i cant believe i bought a turtle". i asked does it come with food? she said these turtles are meant for cooking not for keeping. i couldnt believe what i heard from these old shop keepers. i said i cant believe i bought 1 of those things. it was dirty and there was some fungus under its arm but i took care of that. anyway i walked out and i saw my parents my mom and dad, my little bro went to the pet store with me. so my mom said whats in the box?. i said a turtle. she got mad and said y r u going crazy for those things. she didnt understand y i bought it i kept telling my dad i did well in school and yeah i was but i bombed my report card the next semester and thats bad. so anyway my dad said did u buy food. i said no i wasnt thinking straight trust me i was dazing off. my dad gave me 5 dollars to buy the turtle sticks. i bought some and i went to my dads car. my dad let me sit in the front seat with him. i started getting my focus back and i took it out the box. i was playing with it and she seemed to like it. i brought her home really eager to show my big brother what i got. "whats in the box?" he said.i said see for yourself and i handed it to him. he opened it" a turtle" and he was shocked on how big it was Shocked. anyway i put it in the tank with the smaller one. thats before i knew that bigger turtles attacked smaller turtles but that didnt happen. wen the smaller turtle saw the bigger one she swam into the basking rock. the big one stayed on it looking around the tank. soon after the 2 inch turtle took a peek and saw her and thats wen they fell in love. they wore very close and they seemed to care for each other. and soon after i saw them together swimming around the tank everywhere. the bad thing is i couldnt buy them all just 1

and thats my story how i got these 2 turtles. they still live in the same tank following each other everywhere even though people say they shouldn't. people say territory this and biting that. nope that never happened and i know it wont. when they sleep underwater they're always together sleeping and i mean always together. and for the other turtles in that cramped up tank they wore sold quickly since i came back the next day to buy feeder fish at the store i got it from and there was 2 left. i got really happy and i hope the best for the turtles sold from there and thats the story of my 2 love turtles. once the younger male matures ill have some plans to do and i might have to give it some time but it should work Surprised Surprised
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