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saw this on another forum

PostPosted: Sun May 17, 2009 2:42 pm
by Terryo
I saw this on another forum, and just want to know if any one is interested.

Sorry for the cross post and off topic to some groups. We got in 21 hatchling RES that someone scooped out of the bay. These were the survivors of about a hundred or so that someone dumped there. The bay is salt water so at their tiny size they did not stand much of a chance of survival for long at all so it was good someone spotted them and scooped out the survivors. Now we need to find them homes. They're tiny, quarter size, but will grow to be dinner plate size. Illegal in Florida and Oregon that I know of. I can split shipping costs since I did get a donation in with these little guys and shipping overnight will likely be around $50, so for $25 you can have a couple of adorable little hatchling RES if you have a secure pond or nice indoor set up. If you don't have an application on file already you can submit one here: You can see a photo of the little RES here: ... temId=6462

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