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Post Posted: Mon Jul 13, 2015 4:18 am   Saved a turtle...

I hope this is the correct place to post about this...

I saved a turtle yesterday. I was browsing through my local "buy and sell used" website, when I came across a turtle that needed re-homing. I have my hands full with my 4 turtles, but I wanted to see the add anyway. I felt bad because it had been there for a couple weeks. I clicked on it and I was quite upset. This person said that they were moving and could not take the turtle with them (fine) and that they wanted to look for a new home for him/her (they didn't seem sure of gender). However, they continued to say that if they could not re-home the turtle they would let it out into the wild!

I was shocked! Not only is this very illegal where I live, as RES are exotic, but it is a death sentence to a turtle who has lived a captivated life for 26 years!

I quickly messaged this person and let them know that releasing the animal was illegal, and that they could call the Humane Society/ASPCA to pick it up. They work with local pet shops to re-home animals and are quite good at re-homing reptiles.

The turtle also looked overweight and in an inadequate 30g tank. But I honestly think it was lack of education and not cruelty on the owners part. They honestly seemed unaware that anything bad would happen if they let the turtle wild.

I was unsatisfied with just the message so I also contacted the Humane Society myself, showing them the link to the add; asking if they could do anything about it. They replied back quickly and told me they would get in contact with the person! I felt so relieved.

And the day only got better... I went to my favorite pet shop that only deals with exotic herps and fish to get food for my salamander --- and guess who I saw there, at the front, sitting in a container?!

The same turtle from the add! I was so happy. It's a good pet shop so I know they will work hard to find him a good home. His claws were quite large so I am assuming he is a boy. I was too shy to ask to hold him (I did confirm he came from the HS that day), but I watched him and spoke to him for awhile (yes, I know he cannot talk back, I'm not crazy lol). He had a nice shell and was less fat than I thought.

But I'm very happy! :D
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Post Posted: Mon Jul 13, 2015 3:22 pm   Re: Saved a turtle...

Glad you saved her! Hopefully she finds a better home now, and gets plenty of chin rubs :)
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