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Post Posted: Sat Apr 08, 2017 6:11 pm   Where Can I Get A Tortoise?

Hiya! Agate here!

Mom was wondering where she could get a speckled tortoise in southern Alberta Canada? I SOOOOO want a friend for my birthday, and a cousin from the tortoise family would be PERFECT!!! But Mom doesnt know where to get one... :cry: We both agree it would be best if it stayed small, so we are looking for a speckled or Russian tortoise. But we dont know where we can get one in southern alberta..... Help?

[Edit From Mom: Anything in the Calgary / Cochrane area is perfect, but I guess an hour or so outside of that is okay...]
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Post Posted: Sat Apr 08, 2017 10:15 pm   Re: Where Can I Get A Tortoise?

Fae are you going to keep Agate ?

Not familiar with speckled ( other than very small and small cost $$$) but a Russian yearling can start at $250 or more. From here to Canada may need A Vet health certificate , also a permit application adding to the cost (+or- another $100 more) plus shipping ($$) then your habitat ($$). Adds up fast ... Please check into. Also Canada may ban some tortoise's. Google for Canada suppliers you do have a few there , could be cheaper. May be to far to drive and would need to have shipped. Homework is needed !

Agate may get jealous. Or you have Agate and mom has the tortoise?
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