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Post Posted: Sun Oct 01, 2006 1:02 am   A little scuff

I was driving down the road one day, when I saw the familer little stride of a box turle. (later found out to be an eastern box turtle) Without thinking, I took him home right away, because nobody wants a turtle hit on the road, and lucky for me, I was only a few houses from my own. Anyway, I took him in the backyard (it was a very sunny day), and put him in the pen that my red-eared slider was in. It's a fairly large pen, big enough, so that the two stood on the opposite corners, and just stared. I didn't know how they'd react. Well, I walk into my house for a few mintues, and when I come back, the box turtle (later named Dr. Fussion) is on top of my turtle, (Stockholm) and is clawing at his limbs. I pulled him right off.

I gave Dr. Fussion some food, gave him a good cleaning and some water, and sent him on his way. I didn't really have what it takes to take care of another turtle, so I had to let him go.

So, if anyone knows if this was a bad idea (I'm new at turtle owning), or if it's just some natural thing, let me know.
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From what I understand, box turtles have homing instincts...not sure exactly what it's called. They are led back to where they belong. If you didn't put the turtle back where you found him, you may have placed him in more danger getting where he is going. It's hindsight now, but turtles should be placed where they were found when releasing them.

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i agree with missibsu. i know what she is talking about with turtles and the "homming "sense. we have feale box turtles come to our house once every year to lay eggs. it also is dangerouse to move the turtle like you did to our house. the best thing to have done is to have put it on the other side of the road
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