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Post Posted: Tue Feb 07, 2017 6:28 am   Hi, i'm new around here :)

Hi everybody,

My name is Naty and i've been living in China for 7 years already. I'm from Chile :). I came to the forum bc of my Miguel Angel (my baby is still young, so I have no idea if it is a boy or a girl haha) Last July, my flatmate rescued him from a Chinese guy who was selling it. The turtle (he was around 4 months old that time, so now i think he might be 10 months old) was in a very bad condition. The guy just wanted to get rid of it and he said: "If you don't buy it, i'm gonna throw it to the garbage...". My heartbroken flatmate bought it, but he was going back to Argentina, and I was in another city, so he left it with his ex Chinese roommate. Unfortunately this guy never attended Miguel Angel. After 3 days i came back and there it was the turtle.. with white swollen eyes :( in a tiny bowl with dirty water :cry: . I took him to my place, and i treated his eyes with a green medicine that i bought online, after 2 weeks he could see again and he started to eat and swim :D Now, after 7 months, he has a tank, filter, warm water, food, but I haven't been able to find a bigger tank. So for now he is in a 20 gallons one. He is like 7 cm. When I rescued him, he had these white spots in his shell so I took it to the vet (I could only find one here in Beijing that actually can check turtles, so far away from my place :roll: ) and she gave me Povidone iodine cream. But my baby still has fungus over his shell. Less than before, but still. And in two different places of its shell, it started to rotten. I have no idea how to treat shells. I have read a lot about RES and watch so many youtube videos. But i prefer your opinions, guys. So if somebody can help me, i would appreciate it :) :mrgreen:

Warm regards

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Post Posted: Tue Feb 07, 2017 12:02 pm   Re: Hi, i'm new around here :)

Hi Naty, welcome to the forum! Instead of aquariums, you could look for a large plastic tote instead. Can you post some pictures of the setup and areas of infection?
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