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What is ick it is a bacteria that thrives in water causes by fesces yes turtles can get ick and once effected the fungus spreads and is highly contagious to the entire population where it exists if u have ick on your turtle remove it and all other life thoroughly clean each content with 1 part pure white vinegar allow to soak several hours rince thoroughly toss all live plant replace with fresh a must keep turtles in separate container in a shallow dish put iodion in it gently soak turtle in it the iodion must just bearly come over top of the shethe shell twice a day aprox 2-5 minutes rince turtle good in running warm water after soaking set up remove vinegar water rince good add your set up water and put just a/3 tsp of bleach in the water no more for 1/2 gals of water or more only let set up filter over night petco sales sulfa dip do the sulfa dip mimic the iodion just over shell for 2-4 mins after second iodion dip allow turtle to completely dry out in a dry bowl upto an hour after betwee each treatment this should be done over 3 days spread keeping turtle in fresh water but in isolated container other than set up for duration he's in hospital critical icu if you will if this is done perscicly you will effectively cure the ick problem soak turtles in clean water only 24 hours remove each turtle rince 5 mins under warm water to remove all treatment residue reintroduce him to his set up prob should be solved ick is deadly to turtles usually they contract pneumonia from it which can kill them symptoms of pneumonia most obvious is lopsided swimming or floating one side of shell floats higher than the other side treatment for pneumonia maintain water tempeture steady at 86-92 degrees for aprox 2 weeks will depend on turtles immune health and severity of repertory if it thrives note do not clean tank nor place turtle in another different temp of water during rehabilitation
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Any first year student in this field of studies knows Ich , is a protozoan parasite , is caused by the external parasite Ichthyophthirius multifiliis.
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