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Post Posted: Thu May 11, 2017 2:53 am   New RES Parent

Hello everyone my name is Robin and I recently found a RES that someone had let "free" in my apt complex. I bought her a 40 gallon tank, 100w submersible heater, basking rock with 75w uvb, and 75w blue night time bulb. She seems to be doing very well. She was icky and grayish in skin color when I found her now she is clean (as clean as a res can be haha) and her skin is a light green now which I have red is normal. She is a little over 4 inches long but I have no idea how old she is. I really am not 100% that she's female lol but I named her Lola anyways. She will ONLY eat dried meal worms right now but I'm trying to get her on greens-she's SO stubborn. Idk the life she had before and i've never owned a turtle-or even a Reptile, but I am trying my best to get and keep her healthy. I'm in it for the long haul. I want to grow old with my new baby I just wanted to introduce myself and see if there are any tip n tricks that I need to know to give her the best quality of life that I can. Thanks everyone in advance. I've learned so much here.
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Post Posted: Thu May 11, 2017 7:40 am   Re: New RES Parent

Hello and welcome ,

Good that she found a home. That 75w UVB is good. The blue bulb is not needed. BUT she does need a UVA/heat bulb along with the UVB!
Turtle that size is not a baby , so keep offering greens
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Post Posted: Thu May 11, 2017 5:18 pm   Re: New RES Parent

Welcome to the forum! What kind is UVB is it? Most aren't 75w. Does Lola have long nails? If she does, she's a he.
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