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Drop a post to say hi. Please ask care questions in the forums below.

Post Posted: Wed Oct 18, 2017 9:29 am   Re: NEW TO THE FORUM.

When you click on a area to the forum like "introduction" there is an area with several announcement's and below that each persons topic. Directly above announcements left side is a box ( New Topic). Having each issue separate allows us to give a more accurate and direct advice to that issue. Also helps having less confusion when someone highjacks a post for other issue not directly related to original posters question.
Also before you click on your own topic watch the line your post is on for little square boxes around middle of the line these are page #'s to your post , some only grow one or two pages but some can grow to several depending on the input.

Almost three years you must be doing it right. I only have 50 plus years in hobby and can always learn something new. But I must admit the old school ways have worked pretty well to date ! Hurricane Katrina took 6 of my friends in an in ground pond from the 9' tidal surge at my house at the time. Took house car boat everything ! Life started over ... If I still had them they would be around 45 years old now. Today being old it's just Piggley and me.

We love photo's !!!
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Post Posted: Thu Oct 19, 2017 9:28 pm   Re: NEW TO THE FORUM.

Hi there Stealmysubshine. Welcome to the forum. I am still learning too. I've only been a turtle owner since March of this year.
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