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Post Posted: Mon Jun 04, 2018 3:31 pm   Hi, Happy to be Part of This Forum

Hi, I'm Augie and I have an approximately 5-year-old female red eared slider turtle named "Chompers". Chompers was rescued from a diesel spill in a New Jersey river a number of years ago, and ended up at the Tri-State Bird Rescue in Delaware. She and some RES companions could not be released back into the river because of their invasive species designation. She was very tiny when I adopted her, and only had one eye. She is now a very large girl, and she and I have been muddling along with each other, trying to learn as we go, and hoping not to make serious mistakes. I hope joining this forum will help me to continue to keep her happy and healthy. Thanks!
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Hi Augie and Chompers! Sounds like you're doing well, I hope we can help in anyway!
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