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Post Posted: Wed May 25, 2022 8:36 am   Shell concerns

Hi all,

I’m new to RES ownership and still learning a lot about caring for them. I’m feeling concerned about my little guy’s shell. I have a UVB setup, water is at 77F, and filter is up to date. I started to notice large gaps between the scutes and some discoloration at the top of the shell closer to his head. I was having trouble uploading here, so photo is here: https://ibb.co/HD1Gv3V

I haven’t found anything consistent online as far as what I can do to help. I am planning to give the tank a full clean and I’m not currently using a water conditioner, so I will start using ASAP today when I clean the tank. Does this look familiar to anyone? Are there other steps I should be taking? He’s eating, swimming, and basking as normal. Thank you! :mrgreen:
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Post Posted: Wed May 25, 2022 8:18 pm   Re: Shell concerns

Looks like he's being way overfed and growing too fast. How much are you feeding him now?
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