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Post Posted: Tue Dec 12, 2017 9:31 am   Holes in shell?

Hi, so I rescued this turtle in January of this year who was abused for about six years, (she was in a thin tank with less than two inches of water, and it was never changed.) and she was in a house fire that I rescued her from.
So when I got this turtle she had REALLY bad shell rot, but over time I almost completely healed her shell. Recently we got a new tank for her and made a big basking area, and she spends most of her time on it, but yesterday I noticed she had two white spike looking things popping out of her shell, and it kind of looked like the white parts of the shell from shell rot, so I put my finger over the spikes and they moved around, so it was basically just shell sheddings that formed into a spike. After about 2 minutes of me rubbing my finger on them, they popped out, and at first I thought it was a good thing, but now there are these two large "holes" where the spikes were. They don't go all the way through her shell, but they do go through a few layers of her shell. Yesterday the shell looked okay, the spikes only left a little scrape looking thing on the top of her shell, but this morning I looked and it kind of looked like there was dried blood by the hole ??
Also ever since I saw this turtle she had this weird spot on the bottom of her shell? It looks like it is a hole, but it kind of looks like the shell grew over itself if that makes sense. The hole has it's own circle of shell, so it kind of looks like you can just use tweezers and pull it out, but every time that I touch it she closes her eyes and hisses at me.
Does anybody know what's going on with my turtle ??
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Post Posted: Tue Dec 12, 2017 10:09 am   Re: Holes in shell?

If it does go to deep into shell yes a turtle can feel pain. Sometimes when we try to help a scute off it pulls too much material off , let nature do it , when it's truly ready to come off it will. Pictures would help . The best thing you can do is offer it a proper diet , proper lighting and is basking sufficiently to assist your turtle in repairing their problem. Will not correct over night and may be some scars. The main thing is for it's health to return. Observe well for any infections , may look worst before it heals . Sometimes starts to look like a cyst with blood around area. Keep it scrupulous clean !

You can to help prevent any infection and maybe speed things up by : disinfect area with a surgical scrub / betadine (OTC) and treat with Neosporin (OTC) then "dry dock" her for an hour. Say at least , before you go to work then when you get home. Do this several times a day if you can for 2 weeks or as long as she needs it.
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Post Posted: Tue Dec 12, 2017 12:06 pm   Re: Holes in shell?

thank you !! I will add some pictures if I have time !!
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