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Post Posted: Sat Jun 09, 2018 9:50 am   RES something in throat. Not eating for two weeks.

My baby isnt eating. Was moved from tub to tank. Two weeks ago. Last night he opened his mouth and we noticed stuff in throat. Was able to get some out. Looks like old food. There is still more in there.
What could cause this? How can I help him?

How big is your turtle?
1 3/4 inch
How long have you had it?
A month
What is the water temperature?
Did you use a thermometer?
Are you using a water heater?
How much water is in there?
15ish gallons
Are you using a water conditioner?
Are you using any filtration?

What is the basking temperature?
Is there a basking light?
Is there a basking platform that is easy to climb on?
What kind is it or what is it made out of?
Is there a UVB light?

What have you been trying to feed it?
Different pellets, worms, tuna
When was the last time your turtle ate?
About two weeks

How big is the tank/pond/enclosure?
Tank about 29 gallons
Is the tank near a window?
Is the tank in a room with a lot of activity?
Have you read the Basic Care section?
Have you searched the forums for similar situations?
Is there any other unusual activity/symptoms?
Seems to be normal other than not eating
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Post Posted: Sat Jun 09, 2018 10:45 pm   Re: RES something in throat. Not eating for two weeks.

It's unusual for something to get stuck like that since their throats expand, so something else might be going on. I would try some live fish (minnows) but also give him a soak in some plain pedialyte and warm water.
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