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Post Posted: Sun Aug 12, 2018 7:44 am   Can my RES get too much light? (Forgetful with the lights)

Hi. Jerry Springer is my RES. I'm worried he may be getting too much of his UV light and his heat lamp, I have forgotten to turn them off at bedtime a couple times recently. I wake up before dawn when that happens to find his lights on with him basking. My question is, can he be getting too much light? Is it safe to turn off his lights while he up there if I have forgotten to turn them off? He is fairly stubborn when I try to get him back into the water if he is basking still when I realize I've left his lights on.

He is about five inches long, maybe six.
I've had him about a year, he is almost 9.

I try to keep his water at about 76

I do use a water heater to regulate his temp, I'm in a basement.
It's a 40 gallon tank
I use a conditioner yes, as well as a natural cleaner.
I'm using a 4 segment canister filter.

I don't know the basking temp.
Jerry has a basking light as well as a UV light
He has an enclosed tank topper with a ramp that goes down to the bottom of the tank.
The entire topper and ramp are made of white grid plastic
His uv bulb covers uva and uvb.

He eats reptomin small pellets
He ate last night.
He lives in a forty gallon tank
His tank is in a basement room with two small windows.
I've not read basic care section quite yet.
The room sees an adequate amount of activity.
no symptoms
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Post Posted: Mon Aug 13, 2018 1:41 am   Re: Can my RES get too much light? (Forgetful with the light

Not likely. What are the bulbs you are using? Yes you can turn it off if he's still basking.. though you want to be consistent with the light setup. Most of us use a timer for that purpose.
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