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Post Posted: Mon Apr 01, 2019 3:46 am   RES has a blister


My 16-year-old RES has not been taken care of properly almost all her life and I have rehomed her into a proper tank set up recently. That being said, the damage has been done and she has a deformed shell (actually concave, instead of the usual convex) and I believe it caused a lot of "chub" for her. (when fat turtles have flesh peeking out everywhere. She is "healthy", been swimming, basking, eating and pooping, even slides away super quickly if she is surprised.

Anyway, her shell has cut into her skin and caused blisters. I dry docked her for a week previously for 4--6 hours, and applied a
spray. (https://www.petloverscentre.com/product ... tion-250ml it as an active ingredient, nano silver 30ppm) It seemed to be better but not completely healed (no sign of redness) so I stopped dry docking her. However, when i checked her yesterday (I think about 2-3 weeks later?) it looks worse. The smaller blister has managed to heal but not the larger one.

Anyway, I was dry docking her this morning and she was climbing around an awful lot and decided to cut short her dry dock time. When I checked her, a layer of the hardened skin has seemed to have fallen off. No exposed flesh, but kind of like when we have a blister and the blister has popped and can see the raw flesh underneath. I put her back into the tank and she is still the same, swimming about.

I have read through lot of the internet but I cant seem to find anything that treatment plan that is based on an open wound. From what I have gathered, a general plan is always to
1) apply betadine and let dry
2) apply SSD cream and let dry
3)dry dock for 4-6 hours a day everyday

My question is, will apply SSD cream on an open wound hurt her? What type of SSD cream can I use? IS there any specific for animals/ terrapins? I know betadine will definitely hurt her so I will skip that. How do i dry dock her when she keeps moving around and hurts herself? I really feel very awful.
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Post Posted: Mon Apr 01, 2019 11:57 pm   Re: RES has a blister

I'm not sure what to make from that blister. Most blisters that I have seen don't have that coloring or appearance. I would think there is some sort of infection, one that topical medications won't be able to help. That pink coloring -- if it can't be wiped off, would indicate some sort of septic infection.
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