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Turtle has Respiratory Infection

PostPosted: Fri Jul 19, 2019 5:20 pm
by fusion123
My 6 yrs old turtle is opening his mouth again and again. I got the vet advice and seems like he is having respiratory infection. He has fungus also for which we are putting anti fungal cream and betadine.

For infection i was advised to get Enrofloxacin 10% oral solution and the one i found is here in this picture. Although the name and composition is same but since it has catlle picture, i am confused.

Can anyone suggest.

Re: Turtle has Respiratory Infection

PostPosted: Sat Jul 20, 2019 6:58 am
by litefoot
Much more info needed and pictures or a short video would help since turtle is not in our hands to see. (of turtle and habitat) The enviroments and diet turtles require has a lot to do with the type of illnesses. Use top header on this page and read all , please not just basic care and info. Will tell you all a turtle requires to be healthy and happy.
If “IR” infection the enrofloxacin is just a broad-spectrum antibiotic. What test was done ? If “IR” most herp /reptile vet’s in my circle would use baxtril/fortaz which can turn some turtles around in 48 hours to 10 days with little side effects. Enrofloxacin can take up to two weeks to see any results and has many side effects in turtles. Regular vets go that route since they have very little experience with turtles or never treated turtles. Reason for test is that several things can start out looking like “IR” . Example Hypovitaminosis A to a regular vet could be misdiagnosis as “IR”being they start out similar. If true “IR” thats more serious and should be more a concern. The other is secondary and can be treated easy if done correctly. If true "IR" and treated wrong can turn into pneumonia very fast which can be fatal.
“I got the vet advice” what else did he/she advise ?
Have you had this turtle for six years or just got this 6 years old this year ? Since May this year it is having lots of problems by your other post , any changes made to setup ?
A definitive diagnosis must be made before any treatment started.

Re: Turtle has Respiratory Infection

PostPosted: Thu Jul 25, 2019 3:01 am
by fusion123
Its Indian Roofed turtle. Have had skin fungus which improves with Anti fungal cream. Since May we had setup his tank nicely with UVB light and kept him away from fishes.
Now for last few days we are seeing he open his mouth again n again and keep scratching his neck. Since he is not in this country right now so i consulted Online Vet.
She said there is an indication of Respiratory infection and she suggested Enrofloxacin 10% oral solution. I have got the one attached here with the name Enrostrong. As per, i checked the dosage should be 0.0025 ml
But right giving that minimal dose in water he started foaming in his mouth and we say tear in his eyes.

its been 2 days, he is just sitting at 1 place not moving much and extremely dull. Just eating vegetables thats it. He is not even eating shrimps which he used to eat.

Can anyone suggest any antibiotic which we can give him in soak.
Attached his picture.
I am not able to upload the video. which format it will take

Re: Turtle has Respiratory Infection

PostPosted: Thu Jul 25, 2019 11:00 pm
by litefoot
"Turtle has Respiratory Infection , got vet advice "

What other info you gave the online vet service that was not told here for an “RI” diagnossis. Also no reputable doctor or knowledgeable person would make a diagnosis without a treatment plan offered. Go with what they told you. I can or will not guess based on two words “open mouth” . Wrong treatment can be worst than no treatment and overuse or misuse of antibiotics can have serious effects on health. As in my above post explained and gave a sample . If true "RI" no OTC general antibiotics will work , need (RX’S). Something meant for cattle is not safe for a turtle in my opinion.
Thanks for the picture tells a lot , more time and attention needed on it’s habitat.
You must keep it eating and hydrated.