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Post Posted: Fri Dec 29, 2017 9:55 pm   Is my Slider ok? How can I tell?

I got my slider in June. She was out in a pet pool from june until mid september. I put her indoors then. It is a 75 gallon tank, and she is about 6-7 years old. I have about 12" of water in there, but it has gotten down really low sometimes. The thermometer says it is 72 degrees. I have a basking light that is on all the time (a book told me to leave it on if it was cold in the is about 50-60 out in the room constantly, without a heater...sometimes i turn on a space heater to warm up the room). I took her out one time and put her in a warm bathtub, and she fell asleep. The tank is near a window and she likes to look outside. The water hasn't been conditioned recently, but she seems to do alright. I am concerned because she does open mouthed breathing under the water. She also doesn't like basking on her platform even though she can crawl up on it. She likes the shadier area of her tank better. She also seems to struggle when walking when I took her out, almost as if she had frostbite. But if it is too cold why does she prefer the colder area of the tank and not enjoy basking? She is still eating fine, but she seems to not really want to eat. She claws at the cage whenever I come in the room. She seems to want something but not sure what. She seemingly doesn't really like the warmth for some reason. She saw the snow. I wonder if she wants to hibernate, but the temperatures are to warm or what?
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