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Post Posted: Mon Mar 16, 2009 3:37 pm   PSA - pristine water can still be deadly water

No, my turtle is not dead! He is basking quite happily at the moment.

We cleaned his big 55gal stock tank a week ago and I filled a 10gal tank with clean warm water (regular chlorinated tap water) and ran his filter pump in it for 3 hours while we cleaned the rest of the tank. I did that to clean out the pump mechanism, which worked beautifully.

Anyway, we forgot to empty the 10gal tank, and the water has been sitting there still for a week. Up until this morning, the water looked absolutely pristine and clear.

Today, thanks to the tiny (invisible) bits of organic matter that were no doubt left by his filter pump, and the water itself, which is an excellent breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria and fungi, there is suddenly a lovely greenish/white bacteria or fungal bloom all over the bottom of the tank and on top of the still water. And there was never even a turtle in this water!

I'm telling you this to remind everybody that just because the water looks clear, clean, and beautiful, it doesn't mean it's safe for your turtle. I have no doubt that between the chlorine and whatever is growing in there, that tank would kill my little guy.

So get a filter that not only clears out organic matter but also keeps the tank water circulating, and make sure to test those ammonia levels, etc!

That's the end of my PSA.
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