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Turtle in New Zealand needing a home?

PostPosted: Mon Oct 14, 2013 11:57 pm
by mehtatnz
Not sure if this would be the right place but i am just trying everything atm.

I Have the most awesome turtle he/she (the vets can't work it out haha) has such a character and that is why it breaks my heart that i have to let her/him go. Yurtle is up with my parents in Auckland and i moved down to the south island. My partner is determined to not bring him down and i have had countless arguments with him about this but in reality he is right and at this moment in time and until work situations change for me we cannot afford him. I have had him since i was in high school and he must be about 6 years old (i have the birth cert and all) here is my problem my parents can't keep him forever either and they are asking me to sort it out asap.

I don't want to just sell him to someone who wouldn't treat him right and i would rather just give him away custom tank and all to someone who would love him like i do. He deserves that, i would love to still stay in contact with this person and get pics etc and i don't want to burden any turtle rescue places with him they have enough on their plate.

he has had no major health issues just last year he climbs up curtains and he fell on his bum and crack a small bit of his lower shell off. I rushed him to the vets and they just cauterized it and it will grow back (apparently it wasn't as horrific as i thought it was)

If anyone knows of anyone who would love to have him as their own (but still send me pics would be awesome) please let me know!! he is in auckland and i can arrange everything for you, he has a top of the range filter along with spare parts and spare heaters etc etc spent thousands on this lucky boy (he was living in luxury)