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Post Posted: Mon Jan 14, 2019 9:44 pm   Foggy Eyes

Howdy ya'll!

I need help determining whether there is something wrong with my turtles eyes, or if I am over-analyzing this situation.

Let me start with some background information :) My little lady (she's actually quite big) is a 16 year old redeared slider. About 5 months ago, I moved her over into a 150gal stock tank setup from a 75gal glass tank - the stock tank is not clear, provides more privacy. At the time the move occurred her filtration system crapped out, which resulted in a brief, but unfortunate time in dirty water. The whole situation caused some minor shell rot, which was quickly addressed and mended. I have since purchased the Fluval FX6 - and it's running like a total gem.

Flash forward 5 months, her shell rot is all cleared up, but I have noticed her eyes seem to look a bit foggy. It is winter, the water is a bit cooler and she is in a partial burmation, so naturally she's a bit more docile - but I can't tell whether this apparent foggyness is possibly linked to her burmation... or whether its an infection that may be lingering from the dirty water she had months ago. It doesn't appear to be getting worse, but its been this way for about a month or so - She seems to see just fine. Nothing I have found online has been helpful, so I am hoping someone here may have some advice!

Linking the images so you can see them at full quality - in the first image her eyes look normal, in the second two there appears to be a fogginess on the top half..
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Post Posted: Mon Jan 14, 2019 11:05 pm   Re: Foggy Eyes

It does appear foggy to me too. I doubt it's related to burmation... what's her diet like? Does she have a UVB lamp and what kind?
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Post Posted: Tue Jan 15, 2019 7:30 am   Re: Foggy Eyes

When you have her in your hand close up is it both eye's ? From photo's to me only the right eye. The way turtles rub there eyes may of scratched it or something environmental (dust). Turtles have three eye lids upper , lower and a third thin membrane (the nictitating) is this what you may seeing ? To me looks like the inner lid being used. You can with the third lid still see the pupil and eye movement. Makes an eye look like a cataract forming. May be using that inner lid to protect it until better. Rule out everything else ( such as diet , light , vitamin deficiency , a scratch , infection , the waters parameter's … ) first and observe well for any changes. Also check for hydration some forget about that. Dehydration on a turtle shows up in the eyes first. Yes turtles and fish despite the fact they live in water do get dehydrated. That can be checked the same way as if were a human.
I noticed over my decades in hobby when some get older become more sensitive to chemicals. Do you use any ? If so stop them for awhile and use proper amount of carbon to remove chlorine and chloramine's and watch. If it's any type of irritation may help it heal faster using carbon instead of chemicals . Observe well !
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