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Post Posted: Thu Apr 25, 2019 4:50 pm   How long do we carry eggs? and Shell curling down?

Hi guys… I have two questions if that’s OK.

1. Flash, my red eared slider turtle, has been acting like a dog would act in heat. I think she is carrying eggs. How long will a turtle carry her eggs? When should I worry and take her to the vet?

2. The back of her shell is curling down and I believe it is cutting into her legs. She has cut marks at the back of her “knees“ and is actually bleeding a little. Does anyone know what this could be from and how I can fix it?

Thank you in advance to anyone who can offer help.

Turtle info: I’ve had my red ear slider turtle for a little over a year. 250 gal tank, uvb bulbs, heat lamp, basking area, feed her about 1 Tbsp of dry pellet food and dried worms 3 times a day, I believe she is about 14 years old, but not sure.
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Post Posted: Thu Apr 25, 2019 9:22 pm   Re: How long do we carry eggs? and Shell curling down?

1. It varies, but I would say the window for her to make an actual nest is around 2 weeks. After that she might hold them for another couple of weeks and if you are lucky, she will then expel them in the water. Do you have a place for her to make a nest? If she won't nest, then a vet visit might help expedite the process. Have you felt for eggs? Is this her first time being gravid?

2. Sound like her marginal scutes have not shed. She should be basking for at least a few hours per day. Her diet sounds like it needs adjustment as well.
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