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Post Posted: Mon Oct 12, 2020 10:02 am   penn plax turtle topper

I've had my RES for over 15 years now and really need basking ideas. Originally he had this ramp that used to be able to suction cup to the glass but you know how that goes. SO then I tried this other ramp but he was too big to climb up. Now I just bought the Penn Plax turtle topper, set it up so it fits on my tank (55 gallon bow front), but it doesn't look like he will use it. I know its only been one day, but when I put him on the ramp sure doesn't look like he has any grip to climb up. And once he is in there he hurriedly tries to scamper right out. What else can I do. I am not handy in building anything and my husband might help if he feels like it so I'm really on my own. I am also trying to find a good home for him in case anyone is interested.
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Post Posted: Mon Oct 12, 2020 8:29 pm   Re: penn plax turtle topper

I'd try covering the sides of the tank so he has more privacy. You can also position the basking light closer to the ramp to entice him further. If your lights/lamps are on a timer, I would have it set on earlier so he can try going there when it's much quieter around the house. Lastly, some people use food/treats to lure them up there a few times so your turtles becomes more familiar with it. Good luck!
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