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Post Posted: Sun Apr 26, 2009 1:41 am   A Mini Guide - Nesting Place For Turtles.

I haven't seen much guides for nesting places, so I was wondering if someone asked.

First, you need to prepare :

1.20 Gallon Tank (If your turtle is 5 - 9 inches. If above, I recommend a larger tank.)
2.Wet Sand, for more information, go here : http://www.redearslider.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=17268
(The sand must be able to fill up 1/2 of the 20 Gallon Tank!)
3.2 Plastic Containers (For food and water, you can use other containers too.) (Be sure your turtle can drink and eat from it!)
4. Aluminum Foil
5. 1 Cupboard Box
6. Hay (If possible)
7. Scissors

Steps :

The Tank (Uses : 20 Gallon Tank & Wet Sand)

1. Pour the wet sand into the tank.
2. Try making the sand the same level and comfortable for the turtle.
3. Try not putting any decorative ; it will make the turtle uncomfortable.

The Nesting Box (Uses : Cupboard Box, Aluminum Foil, Hay & Scissors)

1. Cut off a side of the cupboard box, leave 3 sides standing so that the turtle can enter the box.
2. Wrap some Aluminum Foil around the box.
3. Put some hay into the box. Try not to cover the whole bottom.

The Food and Water

1.Put water into a container and food into the other.

Final Step : Put the box and the plastic containers into the tank and your done!

Uses :

The Tank :

For the things, duh.

The Box and the Aluminum Foil :

For your turtle to rest in there.

The Food and Water :

You should know what its for.
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