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Post Posted: Sat Feb 11, 2017 11:14 pm   Re: Light bulb question

Hope yall don't mind if I tag in with a comment and question here..
I have a 75 gal and just bought that Cascade 1500 from Amazon about a week ago. I have no idea what I'm doing setting up the baskets, but faking my way through it and reading/asking around here - I am blown away by this filter. It's extremely quiet (in my opinion), and I couldn't imagine the water being any clearer. Getting it to prime was a bit of a pain, but that's my only complaint.

Question about the heat light and uvb light.... In reworking my tank, it has moved their basking area much closer to the light, which leads to 2 questions.... First, they used to like to stack themselves. Many times I'd come home to find them 2 or 3 high, just sitting on each other's back under the lights. Now there isn't room for that. The basking area is only about 3-4 inches from the roof, which is egg crate. The lights are about an inch above the egg crate. I did cut down from a 150w to a 60w heat lamp when I made this move but that brought up my second question... The exoterra daytime heat lamp bulbs that I use has a chart on the side showing temp and distance - but, it's the same temps at the same distances for the 60 and the 150. What the ??? That can't be right, can it? At a given distance shouldn't the 150 be over twice as hot as the 60?

Sorry - don't mean to hijack - just saw light and cascade discussion in one place..
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Post Posted: Sun Feb 12, 2017 2:28 am   Re: Light bulb question

It might be time to rework that end of the basking area.

If they're still adjusting to the changes, they might not want to stack. I'm not sure about their bulbs, but it would not be twice as hot at the same distance. It should be brighter and much warmer though, you might need to measure it yourself (temp gun!).
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