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Plastic tub and canister filter

PostPosted: Thu Oct 04, 2018 3:45 am
by Aurelia
Let's say i have a plastic tub and i place it on the floor,can my canister filter work?The height of the tub would be around 40 cm however the canister filter is around 48 cm..Yah obviously it's a bit higher than the tub itself and the water level.My canister filter is self priming btw.

it seems like this guy somehow made it work?

Re: Plastic tub and canister filter

PostPosted: Thu Oct 04, 2018 4:21 am
by litefoot
I say no , ( it's about the priming) most canister's will need the water level in the tub equal to or close to the height of the filter even if it has a 900 gallon output. So even if your 15" tub is full your canister is 19" high it will not . How about putting your tub on some blocks to get it a few inches higher than the minimum water level you are going to keep in the tub then it will "prime" itself with no problem.

Yes that video shows it running . When he set it up priming it himself "yes" BUT as soon as that day comes and the power goes out it will not self prime and maybe burn his pump out. Please think safety if heated up enough could cause a house fire , it can happen. If you are very lucky just burn up you canister , if you call that luck. And everyone's power go out now and then or even flicker which will disrupt the pump losing it's prime.

Re: Plastic tub and canister filter

PostPosted: Thu Oct 04, 2018 4:30 am
by steve
It can work but it requires more work to get going and it requires the filter to work harder. If you can't raise it, maybe look into a different filter?

Re: Plastic tub and canister filter

PostPosted: Thu Oct 04, 2018 6:25 am
by Aurelia
What filter do you guys recommend if i have that plastic tub(placed on the ground)and around 30 gal water?

Also i can maybe put a brick underneath the tub,so i would maybe have around 46 cm of height..and i found another filter which is around 41cm in height..will it work?..However it only has 2 media baskets which is a bummer

Re: Plastic tub and canister filter

PostPosted: Thu Oct 04, 2018 6:47 am
by litefoot
Bottom line yes even a pump that say self priming can work "IF" and only if it setup under proper conditions. The laws of physics/motion/ nature will always win. Here an easy read on why setup placement is important : ... wont-prime

Also some that are called self priming when new do but if placed wrong will wear it out fast and no longevity to the filter and the weaker it gets will not self prime. You can make a pump last a full lifetime if setup under proper conditions.

I always thing safety first , my career was an inspector for the "NFPA" . Retired now and think safety even more today.

PS: most have a problem the other way , stands too high and a filter doesn't have the head pressure to get that high. People like us with tanks on the ground must watch placement . One of the best filter's is the FX6 with all it's hi tec circuity and purging // on page 7 it even has important note : NEVER install the filter above the water level ! Most reputable manufactures will state that. I use that filter for my on ground stock tank but water level at or above filter height to work. Bottomline the laws of physics will apply. There are ways to pipe things so to work as in industries but are involved and not cost effective to us. A couple cinder blocks under the plastic tub would be the easiest way to solve problem and cheapest. Get the water level above the filter.
Maybe an "in tank" filter system if your plastic tub is small with a baby but maintenance will be high. It also takes up swimming room. Just not enough media area with them , I don't really recommend them but works with very low water levels .

Do you have any dollar stores in your area , since it's a plastic tub / tote type you have get one with taller sides so to add more water and use filter you have already. Even baby turtles swim great it's a born / natural instinct to them.