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Treated water

PostPosted: Tue Jul 30, 2019 6:42 am
by Laura84
Hi everybody!!

I have a huge doubt with the water for my slider. I explained myself.

Until last week I used tap water for my slider but last thursday a water softener was installed in my neigborhood community. After reading about the expected increase of sodium in water I started to worry about my slider. Yesterday I decided to go to a fountain near my home to take water and I found that the fountain has inversed osmosis treatment. So, what must I do? Use the water of water softener? Use osmosis water? Try to find another water or amend it?

To buy bottle water is not an option (plastic pollution).

Thank you

Re: Treated water

PostPosted: Tue Jul 30, 2019 8:02 am
by litefoot
If in the US federal law , water suppliers must report to the public their water quality date every year. Chances are it’s in the ppm or ppb range , not harmful. I have used small amounts aquarium salt to help control fungus for decades with no harm. The other , are you for the rest of your life willing to go to the fountain retrieving water , will get old. Sliders are very hardy. Even some that use the nitrogen cycle interpret it as converting elements to a safer nitrate. True but they stop there. With few or no water changes ?? What would be more harmful is letting that number get into high range for a slider. A person this month on FB is trying to tell me 80ppm is good because they interpreted that (nitrate’s) is a safer element. Not at those numbers ! I keep my numbers at (0) or the NO3 below (5.0). You will be OK either way you choose along with regular water changes for your slider.
If outside the US you can still get a quality report just call and ask .
For those with a rare species with critical requirements , DIY methods will achieve there needs easy.