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Post Posted: Mon Apr 11, 2005 6:06 pm   Tank Size

The rule of thumb is 10 gallons for each inch of turtle (measured from front of shell to back, not including head or tail)

example: a RES that is 2 inches long would require a minimum* of a 20 gallon tank

Keep in mind, that your cute lil baby turtle will get bigger! A lot of people believe that a turtle will not outgrow it's enclosure. That is only caused by a less than adequate environment, paired with malnutrition!

A male RES can get up to 9 inches long, while a female can grow to 12 inches. That means ONE adult female RES will require a minimum* of 120 gallon tank!

Your RES is a big investment of time and money so be prepared!

Good luck to all!
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