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Post Posted: Mon Sep 28, 2009 11:31 am   pond cleaning

I recently inherited 2 15inch plecos which i thought would go nicely in my aquarium. Well, had to take them out cause they were just way to big and were destroying everything,lol. So i moved them to my pond and they have cleaned everything!! I havent been on here lately cause my 2 small res dissapeared after a recent rain, but about a week later I found another turtle walking down my road, so I adopted him, gave him some food and also found a res walking down the same street not 40 ft away on the same day. Not sure what kind the bigger one is, but his head is all black, as is his feet and arms, hes not a snapper. He was covered in moss, but the plecos cleaned it all off,lol. He is soooo friendly, might have been someones pet, he eats out of my hand, but the res is very skiddish, although i am working on him too,lol. Anybody have the need for a 15inch pleco? I would rather them go together, and have tried most of my options. Most pet shops will take them for free, and resale them but im trying to pass them to someone that could use them There is a small rehoming fee, they are very friendly and will eat out of your hand and were both raised together in a pond to clean it. If anybody is interested LOCALLY(DFW area) let me know. Rather rehome them together. Only passing them on cause I dont want to use a heater in my pond this coming winter. Let me know:> Couldnt post pics so shoot me a email and I can send you some pics via email. ryukyusan75@yahoo.com
2.5inch res1-Chewy
2.5 inch res2-unnamed-R.I.P.
2.5 inch res3-pablo
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unknown amount of goldfish still swimming in the pond
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