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Post Posted: Sun Apr 23, 2017 8:00 pm   Taking RES Outside Advice

Hello Everyone!

I have had an RES for 4 years now, and been lurking here for everything turtle. He is my first turtle, and I still think myself pretty clueless.

Today for the first time I took him outside, and my normally skittish RES loved it. I would like to start bringing him out a couple of days a week, but I want to make sure I don't do anything wrong. I know certain plants can be toxic to them, so I will brush up on which ones those are and I probably won't let him eat the grass anyways.

I live in Upstate New York, and I will not be leaving him unattended outside. I was thinking of getting one of those plastic kiddy pool, and make a little area to bask/swim/shade. My main concern is making sure he doesn't overheat, and hawks. I honestly don't even know if hawks would normally go for an RES, so figured I should just ask. Summers here are normally 85°F - 100°F and it can be quite humid as well.

Are acceptable temperatures different outside?

Is there any signs of overheating?

General tips, or advice?

Any experience with predator birds an RES? (Creek and open fields close by, so generally we do not see them where he would be)

Basically I am super paranoid that I will do something wrong, since turtles are so unfamiliar to me. Also I want to thank everyone in this community, as you have provided me with the knowledge to take care of this little guy properly.
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Post Posted: Mon Apr 24, 2017 2:01 pm   Re: Taking RES Outside Advice


Sounds like fun for both of you. You done your homework ! Typically any large bird could get a turtle. Most will decide not to eat it for easier food. But could drop it while flying and ...! If you do it early morning or late afternoon watch for raccoon's , yes nocturnal , some may still be out and hungry. Raccoon's are in about every city ! Kiddy pool is great as you said , shade a must . Turtles must regulate there temps (indoors or outside) and get out the sun. Could overheat or get a sunburn. Turtles are very good at hiding a problem ! Real sun is great for a turtle ! You could put a potted plant next to pool that could offer shade. Use a tote cover for an overhang be creative. Offer a rock to bask on. I have an old beach umbrella I use to , for me and Piggley. Watch those pool's they get pretty hot , offer some cool fresh water now and then. If you let him on the ground be careful turtles look slow BUT very fast !
Sounds like you are a good parent.
With you 4 years sure it a boy? (older enough tell now) Any name ? If not try for a unisex name just in case your he is a she. Any photo's?
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Post Posted: Mon Apr 24, 2017 7:15 pm   Re: Taking RES Outside Advice

Grass has it has benefits and drawbacks. I like it because it's natural and does not get hot. You'd still want to provide a little bit of shade (maybe a bark curl?) and you need to quickly check for anything on the lawn before they go out (cats like to make a mess in my backyard). It's easy to clean but my RES do sometimes take small bites of grass. The warmer it is, the less time they get. I like to have them out between 75-85 and they could be out there for hours. Do you have anything to take temperatures with?
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