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Keeping RES in outdoor pond

PostPosted: Thu Jul 20, 2017 6:11 pm
by turtlepond2000
Hi all! Happy Thursday. I'm new to this site, so I apologize if I'm doing anything incorrectly.

Recently, I've been constructing a pond in my back "yard" (I live in the country so I have lots of space!) the pond is going to be about 350 gallons-400 gallons. I'm planning to have some nice water plants and, of course, a few sliders!

I owned a slider in the past, however it was a while ago and I'm not sure how big the aquarium I kept it in was. I've been looking at different websites and forums to see how many gallons per turtle people recommend, and there are all different ideas. Some say 55 gallons for two RESs is more than enough, and some say 150 gallons for one is pushing it! I would love to have some input on this so I make sure I have proper care for these babies (I'm thinking two or maybe even three, depending.)

I am well educated in the rest of their care--food, basking, protection, etc, however I did have an additional question. My pond is in a "wooded" area with a few trees, so about half of the pond is exposed to direct sunlight and half is not. Is this ok?

Thanks so much to any responders! :D :mrgreen: :lol:

Re: Keeping RES in outdoor pond

PostPosted: Thu Jul 20, 2017 11:02 pm
by litefoot
For every inch of shell they need 10 gallons water alone to be happy and healthy. This is more for you on maintenance , to be able to control the water parameters ! Myself always have setup a habitat for the adult size , saves on all those little upgrades.

Babies ( unknown sex ) maybe three ? The sexes will tell all. Males will just fight when they get older and have to be separated. Male with female , he will harass her to mate and she will end up hurting him. Normally females will get along.

I assume this will be in the ground ? Tree shade is good , shade must be offered so to thermoregulate there temperature. Will have more maintenance with leaves. I would let it go natural , some turtles like to sleep under leaf litter. 400 gallons is small , would not cost much more to go 1000 gallons. That's only something 7'x7' and about 2.5 feet deep. This would allow you to have varying depth that turtles will use. Like shelves about one foot deep as resting places and a deep hole 2.5' or 3' for any predators. Wild dogs , large bird , raccoons and yes coyote's too. We have them in New Orleans city limits ! Turtles love to swim as much as bask . Decades ago I started with 800 gallons and two years later went to 7000 gallons for five slider's and some Kio. Hurricane Katrina 2005 took it and the house , lost all. Today new home it's Piggley (male 5" RES in a 150 stock tank) and me. I'm to old/health/ no room for an in ground pond today. But I do have four stock tanks up and running. Piggleys regular tank , goldfish , plant tank and a ready to go quarantine tank if ever needed. All 150 gallons , except the plant tank is 70 gallon. Had a sale years ago on them so got extra ... just had to set them up. I love water movement.

Re: Keeping RES in outdoor pond

PostPosted: Fri Jul 21, 2017 12:07 am
by steve
What about your weather? The pond also has to be deep enough so it does not completely freeze, unless you plan on bringing them in during the winter.

Re: Keeping RES in outdoor pond

PostPosted: Mon Jul 24, 2017 7:08 pm
by turtlepond2000
Thanks so much for your replies! I'm going to make it a 1000 gallon as it will be better for the turtles and not much more wrk. Thank you both!

Re: Keeping RES in outdoor pond

PostPosted: Mon Jul 24, 2017 11:06 pm
by steve
Would they be outside year-round? Kind in mind that males are usually aggressive and need to be kept separated from each other and females.