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Post Posted: Thu Jan 19, 2006 2:15 pm   Mollies, Platys and Sword Tails?

Is its alright if i feed my RES Mollies platys or sword tails. guppies are way too small and they hide in crevices in the basking area and are never eaten. They eventuall die and rot behind the basking area inside the tank. I feed them gold fish and raw meat but i guess thats not good enough. i do give them some crickets and meal worms every now and then.
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Can't comment on the variety of fish, but the goldfish are not good (fatty, more apt to contain parasites and contain an enzyme that will block the absorption of Vit. B--best to stay away from them). And raw meat is a definite no-no.

What are you feeding in addition to the goldfish and meat? A reputable pellet would bring some balance to the diet as would some plant matter.
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