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Post Posted: Sat Mar 05, 2016 8:03 pm   Great turtle/ fish food company

Hi so today i just came here to give some info on a company i found today at the Petstore
*Not i am not being sponsored or anything like that. This is just some info if you want to choose a good food brand to feed your creatures :D *
The company name is Omega One. Im sure a lot of experienced people have heard about it, but this is for the newer people. I know when i just started i wanted to know the same thing
I mean seriously, look at the ingredients on (Ex: This turtle food)
Whole Salmon, Whole Herring, Halibut, Wheat Flour, Wheat Gluten, Whole Kelp, Lecithin... list goes on and on.
-They say whatever is the first thing on the list, they put the most of. Whole salmon is a million times better than "Fish by-products".
So far on ALL their food (Fish, reptiles, and hermit crabs), the first ingredient is whole salmon.
Now this is obviously not the FULL diet. Turtles obviously need greens etc.

>Now this is a company ive heard a lot about to.
Mazuri. But, if you compare the ingredients i really dont understand why you would go with them? (Again my opinion). Someone tell me why, because here are the ingredients:
Ground corn, fish meal (menhaden), dehulled soybean meal, low ash poultry by-product meal... goes on and on.
Corn and fish meal. Doesnt compare to whole salmon and halibut (IMO). Someone please correct me but i see a clear shot at who would really win.

>And of course you got you Zoo med, Tetra, and exo terra foods but i stay far away from that junk! Not getting into my turtle.
*Again this is not sponsored, or to bash another company. Just giving some comparisons so you can make the choice.
Thanks :D
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Post Posted: Sun Mar 06, 2016 7:10 am   Re: Great turtle/ fish food company

I found Omega One some time ago. I would have to agree that its by far the best on the market today! Its what I feed my 4 turtles :-)
1 Male Mississippi Map/Mississippi
1 Female RES/Slidy.
1 DBT White Concentric Female/ Lucky
1 DBT Male/ Spots
(Housed in the same tank)

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Post Posted: Sun Mar 06, 2016 1:57 pm   Re: Great turtle/ fish food company

I agree too, seems like they are on top of a short list. Probably the main drawback is cost right now but it's great that a lot of stores carry them.
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