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Post Posted: Tue Jan 24, 2017 9:09 pm   turtle feeding

I am a new RES owner. We have our turtle in a 100 gallon indoor pond by herself. She is about 5 inches long. She is very active, climbing in and out of the water and swimming ALL day long. I think she only settles down at night when the timers shut the lights off. I have a web cam and watch her periodically throughout the day while I'm at work.
I have a question about how much to feed her. Currently, I am feeding her a teaspoon of Aquatic Turtle Entree and a teaspoon of Mazuri pellets in the morning and 2 cubes of Aquatic Turtle Adult Frozen cubes in the evening. I also offer her fruit once a week and fresh romaine lettuce and cuddle bones, occasionally fresh cooked shrimp. Everything I put in her bowl is consumed within 10 minutes! She always seems so hungry. I keep reading not to overfeed these turtles, so want to be sure I am feeding her the right quantity.

We are also considering adopting a second turtle from a friend. I understand I need to quaranteen the new turtle for a few months. Is there any special water additives for this quaranteen tank?
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Post Posted: Wed Jan 25, 2017 12:48 am   Re: turtle feeding

Seems a little too much, though great job on variety.

As for a second turtle, it would have to be female though there is still a chance they might need to be separated. Any sort of quarantine tank would essentially be the same as a regular tank, you just need to keep an eye out for anything unusual.
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Post Posted: Mon Jun 26, 2017 5:33 am   Re: turtle feeding

How much should I feed my turtle? And what if she doesn't eat her pellets and only bugs?
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Post Posted: Mon Jun 26, 2017 2:46 pm   Re: turtle feeding

Charles it's best to start a "new post" next time so things do not get crossed up with the original poster above.

I for decades used the 2/3's rule ! If the head was hollow (not neck to) what would fill that 2/3's . Some use the full empty head amount , not me. Better to underfeed than overfeed for health ! A well varied and balance diet is needed. Don't let your turtle train you for treats first and only. The veggie side say red lettuce a piece the size of the shell will do. Offer these amounts a day is good.

Babies I use that above amount just divide it half and offer twice a day. Not the full amount at each feeding !
Juveniles should now be on 50% veggies at this point along with protein.
Adults should be on 70% veggies now. As the protein side I only offer it every other day , But the veggies every day.
Don't let the begging get to you , turtles are good at it and only get better begging with age. If more than one person in home make sure all understand it's proper /healthy diet or there will be health problems.
Offer it's regular food first when hungriest ( sticks , blends etc) with the veggies. Any treats should be used rarely and don't let your turtle train you. It's our job to feed a well varied balanced diet being captive. Turtles are just like children if they could dinner would be ice-cream and treats.
Look under feeding list on this forum for some other ideas and also read the comments that go with some. What I stated above worked for decades for me ,others have there feeding list , it's up to you to offer a well varied and balanced diet ! Oh , turtles love to be feed on a schedule !
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