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Post Posted: Mon Mar 04, 2019 9:44 pm   125 Gallon Tank Heater Inquiry

Hello all, Been a while since i have needed some help with my tank.

I have a glass 125 gallon tank that is not quite full. RES has basking ramp on top of tank. Noticed Aqueon Pro heater light was not on. So took out and placed in another container and plugged in to see if the water would warm up or not. Well the light did turn on and was red then went green pretty quickly - However the water didn't warm up nor did the heater feel warm. Did I test right or another way to test the Aqueon heater for correct operation? So I am assuming the heater went bad?

With this said what size do i really need for this tank of water to keep at the 78-80 degrees. House in winter heated at 68 degrees. I have a Fluval 300W in there as well as this Aqueon 200W that seems to have gone haywire after a year or two of use.

Also, recommendation on heater locations? Straight up and down - sideways - at both ends of tank - by inlet and outlet or where?

Thank you in advance.
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