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Post Posted: Mon Oct 09, 2017 4:25 pm   Question from New Turtle Parents


Recently a friend moved away and we adopted her 5 yo RES "Frankie." We upgraded to a 40 Gal tank from the 20 gal the turtle came with. Also bought him a friend from local PetCo. "Trevor" is 1 1/2 yr old RES. I don't know the kind of filter which came with Frankie and the 20 gal tank, but it looks like it's from a starter kit. I am researching filters and I am confused. I don't ascribe automatically to more is better, but something reasonable and within budget. So my question, if someone may be so kind as to make a recommendation, which filter would be a good investment for 2 Turtles (5-6 in and 4-5 in") in a 40 gal tank which is about half way filled to the top with water.

I am brand spanking new to this so please be gentle.

Thank you. Have a blessed day.
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Post Posted: Tue Oct 10, 2017 12:36 am   Re: Question from New Turtle Parents

Hi, welcome to the forum! There are a few issues you will likely run into, so I will try to cover them first.

1) It is recommended that RES have a tank/water that is roughly 10 gallons per inch of shell length. So a 6 in turtle in a 60 gallon tank minimum.

2) More water, the better. While more filtration is a good thing, it is not a perfect solution. More water (and partial water changes) is very important.

3) Turtles do not always get a long in confined spaces. Unless you have a large pond, males will definitely need to be separated from other males/females, some females need separation (depends on personality).

So you need to look into the near future... is either turtle a male? Do you plan on any other tank upgrades soon?

A good filter for a 40 gallon might an Eheim Classic or a Fluval 306. Good for 2 yearlings? Not really.
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Post Posted: Tue Oct 10, 2017 8:30 am   Re: Question from New Turtle Parents

Hello and welcome ,

Agree 100% with Steve ! Homework is very important ! Read all the informational stickies above each topic and visit the forums home page :

We are here to help with any questions.

A turtle will be very happy on it's own just ask my Piggley ! For a beginner "just my opinion you may want to return the other" , Petco has a good return policy for live animals with receipt. It will be easier to get things down with one before you open the door on more. No need to become frustrated this early in the hobby.
10 gallons of water alone needed for every inch of shell for each. Yes this is for more swimming room but mainly for you to be able to control the waters parameters ! Also any combination other than 2 female will need to be separated in time and no guaranty that if 2 female's will have the same personality , they may need separation too. Turtles can be very aggressive and do fight , sometimes to the death.
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