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Post Posted: Mon Feb 13, 2017 12:45 am   New to forum

Hello my name is Tina and I will be purchasing 2 res hatchlings within the next week, I am waiting for my filter to arrive.I joined this group in hopes to further my knowledge to raise happy healthy shellkids.I will list items I have please let me know if something isn't correct or if I need to add to my list.
55 gallon tank
Screen lid
Landscaping pebbles
Heat lamps
Tetrafauna viquarium filter (ordered)
Basically waiting for the filter and want to run the tank a couple days to regulate the heat before ordering the turtles, if there is something I'm missing I would love any input available
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Post Posted: Mon Feb 13, 2017 12:37 pm   Re: New to forum

Welcome to forum Tina ! Good making a list. You still have time for more homework. A good test kit. Stay away from those paper test strips not accurate. A must is a UVB bulb along with the heat bulb. UVB helps metabolize calcium important for health. Go to (Habitat indoor) and read the sticky's and or some post will help you . Turtles need 10 gallons water area for every inch of shell. Two 1.5" turtles = 30 gallons of water area and a basking area to warm up and or dry off. One turtle can be very happy on his/her own. Two baby's Ok , for now , will not show aggression. But as they grow you may have to separate , two tanks especially if both are males. Tetrafauna looks nice in tank...?? 55 gallon say around half full you will need a pump 2-3x's on that 25 gallons of water. Filter for turtle gallons rated (50-75 gallons). Turtles are very messy without adequate filtering health can suffer. Pebbles... turtles are known for eating them , well not good ! Some go with bare bottoms , some sand ( if eaten passes right through there system), others river rock (much larger than pebbles can't eat). Turtles are your new kids love them care for them and you will be surprised what they give back!!! We all started somewhere , there's a lot of homework to keep up with. Lots of good ideas and good opinion's on this forum most work out well. Find what works best for you and your new kids. Cost also comes into play , turtles will not be cheap. Good luck !
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Post Posted: Tue Feb 14, 2017 5:30 pm   Re: New to forum

I'd skip the pebbles. A handful of large river rock looks nice in the tank. You'd still need a dock, I would suggest some cork bark - a resin platform works well too when they're small. Screens block UVB, so you might want to consider another top if you need one to keep other pets/kids away. You'd need a UVB lamp. I would probably get something else than the Tetrafauna viquarium filter. The tank should be roughly around $55 if you picked it up from Petco/Petsmart during their sales.

Welcome to the forum!
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Post Posted: Wed Feb 15, 2017 2:41 pm   Re: New to forum

Thank you Steve for all the advice and information
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Post Posted: Wed Feb 15, 2017 2:42 pm   Re: New to forum

Thanks Litefoot, greatly appreciated
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