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Post Posted: Sat Nov 04, 2017 5:06 am   New Baby Red Eared Slider

Hi all! :)

About two weeks ago, I purchased a baby red eared slider. As I learned more about this reptile, I’ve continually progressed with caring for him/her. We started out in a pet carrier, then a storage container, now I have set up a beautiful 10 galllon with lots of room for the turtle. He/she seems happier now and is swimming all over the place! I really love my turtle and want to give it the best care so that hopefully we’ll grow old together.

My husband purchased some meal worms (live), floating repto min, and today more repto min. I noticed, since I’ve gotten the turtle he/she hadn’t eaten one bit! I’m worried that the turtle may become sick and die. I read that baby RES can take time getting used to the new habitat, but two weeks seems like a stretch. How can I get the turtle to eat, or make it more comfortable.

Also, is it normal for the turtle to climb on the decorative plants? It seems so happy now!
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Post Posted: Sat Nov 04, 2017 9:30 am   Re: New Baby Red Eared Slider

Hello and welcome,

A photo of setup would help.

Truly it's normal , two weeks is not that long. He has to get use to all those giants outside it's home. Offer it the most comfortable home with little excitement around the tank. If to wide open and a lot of activity it will be scared all the time. Arrange some safe hiding spots where he can still peep out to see whats going on. You could use cardboard to place outside tank around the sides and back to make it feel safe. Remember you are giants to him , do every thing around him at his speed. Move slow helps. Make sure the water is 80* and the basking area is 90* for a baby ! You will need a accurate thermometer a few degrees make a big difference. In my time I found the "IR" type to be the only accurate type. Have a draw full of those floating type even digital ones all with different temp ! Turtle love to climb on anything even each other , to them the higher to see the safer they feel. Make sure you read "all" informational stickey's in each topic and any suggestions that go with them. Look at the top header on this page and will see links to forums main page for more reading. Lots to learn fast , turtles if kept happy and healthy in captivity can live 40-50 years. This is a long term pet and will be needing a large setup when an adult.

Keep offering food it will take it when ready ! Remove any uneaten so not to foul his tank.
If concerned soak food in water from a tuna fish can to make it more smelly , not the oil type , the water type. Will be soft , use a spoon to place it in tank may help.

Also check use by dates on it's food so to make sure its fresh ! Most good manufacture will have a date. You would not eat anything out of date , make sure your turtle doesn't either.
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Post Posted: Sun Nov 05, 2017 2:53 am   Re: New Baby Red Eared Slider

How often are you trying feeding him? How long is his shell?
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Post Posted: Sun Sep 01, 2019 7:21 pm   Re: New Baby Red Eared Slider

this is my first problem I had with mine they didnt eat for a while. I Think you are suppose to give it something smaller than reptomin I think I used only mealworms.
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