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Post Posted: Sat Nov 18, 2017 11:15 pm   Turtle Chasing Fish

Hello everyone! I have a 15 centimeters long male red eared slider (I forgot its age when I bought it, but it has been in my care for 5 years). Since 2 years ago it has been living in a 2 x 3 meters indoor pond, along with 6 kois (2 tanchos, 2 asagis, and 2 orgon platinums), all with similar size to the RES. Well, it used to have another male RES buddy, but 3 weeks ago they began fighting, so I've separated the attacker RES to our outdoor pond. Recently, around 3 days ago, my RES has begun to chase one particular orgon platinum. I know that RES can attack any size of fish, but I also know that some coexist just fine with other fish. Since things have been peaceful for 2 years, I though they have finely coexist. So here are my concerns:

- Is that just playful behaviour or actual predation attempt?

- I've seen my turtle attacking a fish in action. Back when my 2 RESs were still together, my mom put a big goldfish into the pond. The fish was to be eaten by us, brought to us via car, in a small bucket, so no doubt it was weakened. But for some reason my mom though it was "pretty healthy" and put it inside the pond. Despite being 1.5 times bigger than my RESs, the two RESs quickly began to eye it, circled around it for a while, then attacked the fish in a pincer. If not caught in the act, I think the fish may have ended in their stomach rather than ours :x . From that experience, I assume that my RES do attack fish, but only the weakened one. So, does that mean my one orgon platinum is weakened now?

- Any advice of further care?

Thank you!
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Post Posted: Sun Nov 19, 2017 7:10 am   Re: Turtle Chasing Fish

As turtle grow there instinct get's better to hunt. Just being a turtle! Yes a turtle can sense a weaken fish and will fixated on it . My Piggley always made friends with fish when young but once a juvenile realized they taste good and was a food source , it's just a turtle thing. My Piggley has no problem catching a fish twice as big as he is.
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