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Post Posted: Sun Oct 03, 2021 10:54 pm   Frightened by a hatchling

No pics, but I swear it happened.

Across the street, and just behind the houses to the left is a pond that has red eared sliders, painted turtles (probably Midland), and snapping turtles. I’ve had a RES lay eggs in my yard. I’ve seen Painted turtle laying eggs on a dog walk, and have seen many other RES walking about. I’ve never seen a snapping turtle lay eggs here, but I have seen the occasional baby snapping turtle run over on the street on a dog walk.

This afternoon, I’m sitting in my garage reading Reddit on a tablet after a thunderstorm has passed. I jumped as I caught something moving out of my peripheral vision near my foot.

I looked down and it was a baby snapping turtle 10 feet from the garage entrance.

I took it across the street, where downhill will lead to the pond. I had no idea any snapping turtles had laid eggs near here.
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Post Posted: Mon Oct 04, 2021 12:04 am   Re: Frightened by a hatchling

They're very cool! I've only seen them when they come out to lay eggs, but otherwise they're very stealthy. Spotted a female crossing a road in the middle of Queens of all places. Helped her get to the pond she came from, but it was also really unexpected.

I guess keep an eye out, there might be a few more :)
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