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The information presented here is for educational references only and not a guideline for you to treat Red Ear Sliders or other turtles. What you have done or are planning to do is at your own risk and no one associated to this site, www.redearslider.com, in any way whatsoever, can be held responsible for your use of the information contained in or linked from these web pages.

No information you can find here should be a substitute for proper care. In case of injuries, illnesses or symptoms of illness, it is recommended that you seek immediate and appropriately qualified veterinary help. The authors or contributors may not be trained to provide you with complete information in regards to adequate safety precautions or steps to prevent injury, bodily damage, or other damages to your turtle, person, property or reputation. If you need specific medical advice, please seek a licensed or experienced professional in that area.

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About This Section - Commentary

Since the establishment of this site, it has been realized that people still believe that an inexpensive pet does not come with the same responsibilities of pets such as cats and dogs. Adults can impulsively buy what they think is an interesting and uncomplicated animal. Parents and guardians sometimes choose a RES as a child’s first reptile pet. They are even used as gifts, prizes or giveaways. People also assume the information gathered from pet stores and from other experiences are correct. They may even just assume they know what’s best.

It is very understandable while people do not initially realize the commitment involved in being a responsible turtle owner. The information mentioned on this site reveals the great costs of time, money and space required. However, there are many who choose to do nothing or very little regarding proper care. The cost of replacing a RES is far cheaper than a visit to a vet. Because of negligent actions, most captive RES die prematurely or suffer permanent disabilities while living in miserable conditions. People even choose to release a captive turtle in to the wild, which is equally abhorrent.

Please, if you cannot take care of a turtle, or have parents/guardians unwilling to let you take a sick turtle to get proper medical care, then you really should rethink turtle keeping. No amount of knowledge or preparation will prevent every illness or situation. Trying every possible store bought medication or product will not likely help a turtle suffering from a serious illness. In fact, it might just prolong the discomfort while allowing the infliction to worsen. Sometimes you need to allow a qualified veterinarian to examine your turtle and determine a course of treatment.

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