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Post Posted: Tue Jun 24, 2014 12:22 am   Selling Turtle Housing, Cleaning Supplies in TC Area of MN

I owned a turtle for 3 years, recently got rid of it, and am looking to sell all of the housing, cleaning supplies, food, etc. Obviously nothing is new, but everything still works. I am looking to sell everything at once, not piece by piece, and I have taken what the item would cost at petsmart and cut it in half. You pick up or I can deliver ($1 per mile) and I will also show you how everything works for free! Below is a breakdown of how I got to my total cost and everything that is included in the $250 package, including optional items which would bump price to $270. I am also accepting best offers that are reasonable. I will send pictures of everything if you respond to this ad.

40 gallon tank ($180 @ PetSmart) - $90
Smaller feeding/holding tank for when cleaning 40 gallon tank including cover ($30 @ Petsmart) - $15
Driftwood ornament for habitat ($12 @ Petsmart) - $6
Medium Floating/Basking dock ($28 @ Petsmart) - $14
Heat Lamp, 100 watt bulb (used), 150 watt bulb (new) ($15, $9, $11 @ Petsmart) - $14
Heat Lamp Stand ($26 @ Petsmart) - $13
UVB Bulb and Hood ($48 @ Petsmart) - $24
Strip Thermometer ($4 @ Petsmart) - free
Heater for 40 gallon tank ($29 @Petsmart) - $14
Fluval 205 (205 no longer sold now a 206 model), Biomax, Carbon ($130, $14, $10 @ Petsmart) - $60

Things that are optional:
Food/treats (all containers already open and partially gone) - free
Cleaning supplies includes: 10 gallon bucket, scrubbing sponges, net, manual suction hose, towels only used to help clean tank - free
Coffee table to hold turtle tank including cinder blocks that act as supports - $20

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