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Post Posted: Mon Apr 05, 2021 1:19 pm   Shell Rot

My red-eared slider had a scute that was ready to shed and I could see algae under it. When it came off, there was a large, hard, white spot under it. For the past week since I notice the spot, I have been dry docking her with a UV light all day and putting her in water every few hours to drink. I have also been putting Silver Sulfadiazine cream on it for the last few days. Part of the hard white stuff came off today when I was brushing her under water to clean her. Underneath was a large pit that leads down to what I believe is bone. I have called many vets who just keep giving me other numbers to call and I finally have an appointment with one on Thursday, but they said although they see turtles, they don't specialize in them and probably won't be able to do much other than take a look and prescribe more antibiotics. I think that maybe it might need more than that. If that is bone, then it would need some sort of covering for it, right? I have attached a picture of what it looked like with the white patch and once part of it fell off. I ordered some chlorhexidine because I have read that it is good to use that to clean the spot before putting the silver cream on it. Did anyone else use that? Is there anything else that I should be doing? Thanks for any advice.
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Post Posted: Mon Apr 05, 2021 3:14 pm   Re: Shell Rot

This is difficult to diagnose, but it is a bone layer. I wouldn't say it's shell rot exactly, but there is usually an infection or injury to show this sort of result. From what I've seen, exposed bone areas dry up and fall off, then scar up. This looks like it is occupying a large area so you do need a good herp vet to correctly diagnose the cause, then prescribe the right treatment.
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