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Post Posted: Thu May 19, 2022 4:25 pm   Turtle won't eat and sits on resting platform

Hi I'm a bit worried as one of my res turtles hasn't eaten much in the past few days almost a week now. I've had them both for about 7 and half months now (both male)and they've grown to just a little about 2 inches-2.25 inches. He only eats 1 shrimp at best and will not eat his pellets or any red peppers. His recent pattern is swim for like a hour or so then bask for an hour-2 hours and then sits on the resting platform until the afternoon but he will randomly move around sometimes and stands up for air. In the afternoon when i get home or if he sees me when i'm work from home he'll be like his old self and swim around with his brother however he won't eat when I try to feed him. I feed them both outside of the tank in separate containers . I did recently move so i'm in a new apartment however the tank and setup is still the same and at the beginning he was eating fine. Images of my setup are attached and details about temperatures as well. I feed them about 5 reptomin pellets along with red peppers (they won't eat any green leafy vegetables) and usually 1 shrimp treat (2 on Sunday water changing days). I don't know what to do right now and am a bit worried. I booked an appointment for the vet but it's not until 5/26. I don't see anything wrong with his eyes, there isn't any discharge from his mouth or nose and it doesn't appear he has any trouble breathing. I test the water once a week along (0 ammonia, 0 nitrate, 0 nitrite and use a conditioner when putting in new water) with changing 40-50% of it and do a full change and clean every month and half. I have a 20 gallon setup with a penn plax 700 canister filter. There's a water heater and above tank basking platform with a uva and uvb bulb and temperature there is about 95 degrees F. Water temperature according to tank sticker is 75-79, mercury tank thermometer says about 77-78 and digital one says 79.3 F. Does anyone have any advice?
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Post Posted: Sat May 21, 2022 10:30 pm   Re: Turtle won't eat and sits on resting platform

I would try some live feeder fish like rosy red at this point. Hold the fish by the tail and let it wiggle in front of his face, he should do the rest. I'd also give him a soak with a solution of 50% water and 50% unflavored pedialyte in a small container. Enough for him to drink some of it.
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