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Post Posted: Sun Jun 04, 2023 6:19 pm   Fuval 407

Hi. I have had my turtle for about 7yrs. He's in a 55gal tank and thr filter I had before was a penn 1000 that just recently died. (Which I never had any problem with until it died) This time I had a lil more money so I went with the fuval cause when I got the penn everyone told me the fuval was better but more $. So this time I had the money so I bought the fuval. And now it's about 2 weeks later and my turtle tank is still cloudy and dirty. Is it not big enough. It says 100 gal and that is what the penn said too. Please help and please tell me I didn't waste $300 on a filter!
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Post Posted: Mon Jun 05, 2023 7:30 am   Re: Fuval 407

Hi TenderRoni247, I'd normally recommend a larger filter though how is it in comparison to the Penn 1000? Was the water also cloudy? It could be that there was not enough water or that the filter media was not maximized for turtle use.

Do you have any pics of the setup? How much water is in there?
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