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Post Posted: Mon Jul 17, 2017 1:53 pm   First time Turtle Mom - Need Help

Hello everyone, I recently had to move back home with my parents due to a divorce. I have 2 kids. My parents decided to surprise my kids with 2 pet turtles that they bought from the pet shop. One of them died within a few days. They did not consult with me before making this decision, yet I am having to care for it. I've been doing a lot of research on these turtles and it turns out that the tank my parents bought for it is too small. They bought a 10 gallon tank, which I suppose is fine for right now cause it's still a baby, but it will ultimately need at least a 100 gallon tank. What is the average cost of a 100 - 120 gallon tank? The ones I saw online were between $500 - $700. Surely, there are cheaper tanks? Also, if anyone has any recommendations on heating/ UVB lights, I would really appreciate it! I doubt the light that came in the tank is UVB and I need one asap. Any other tips on how I can create a safe and happy home for our little turtle (which my kids named Jake) would be much appreciated! I'm pretty much having to learn everything as I go :/
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Post Posted: Tue Jul 18, 2017 10:30 am   Re: First time Turtle Mom - Need Help

Hi, sorry to hear about your situation. I was able to pick up a used 90 gallon with stand for $100. It was in near perfect condition but you need to keep looking and be patient. If your turtle is a male, then you might be able to stretch getting a 55 gallon (brand new they go for $55 on sale from major pet chains). You can also pick up a stock tank... they are made of study plastic. They don't look great in the living room but can work well for most people.

You can use a regular incandescent bulb for basking (make sure it's out of the turtle's reach and can avoid any splashes) and get a compact uvb bulb (they look like small fluorescent bulbs). Heaters are easy... just look at Aqueon Pro or Eheim Jager and pick the right size for your tank. You will have to look at filtration too, but you will want to decide about the tank first, then get the appropriately sized accessories.
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Post Posted: Tue Jul 18, 2017 10:43 pm   Re: First time Turtle Mom - Need Help

For me it's only stock tanks. Looks more like a natural pond. As the looks it depends on how creative you want to get. The outside one could use a $3 table cloth as an apron or cut a window blind with real bamboo to fit. If one has kids let them get involved , be surprised what great ideas they can have. The one thing people that come in my living room say is Wow ! You have a pond in your home. That become the meeting place. Saves a lot of money , a larger size and can find on sale at times 150 gallons for around $150 with free shipping even less at times. Oh , I have some over 20 years and will last forever. Good glass tank that size starts at $ $500-$800 or more. On floor so save's money on a stand too. Google for some images and see what can be done , you may like ?
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Post Posted: Wed Jul 19, 2017 9:27 pm   Re: First time Turtle Mom - Need Help

My 150 gallon Show style tank, stand, hood lights and glass tank covers cost $850.00 in 2003 or '04. That is not counting the uvb light, clamp lamp for basking and other accessories we have bought or made over the years. My girls have a slate basking rock that weighs at least 50 lbs on a pvc, slate tile and plexi glass home made frame. My UVB bulb is an 18 inch Repti Sun 10.0 in an 10 gallon aquarium light fixture. It sits in front of the clamp lamp holding my ceramic heat emitter over the basking rock. I don't keep a heater in my tank. On that note, Don't buy a glass heater. When I used tank heaters, I have had several glass ones break when the girls were babies in a smaller tank (their 55 gallon). Not fun... A tank as large mine and my daughter's 250 gallon with the glass tops on two thirds of the tank makes it's own environment and believe it or not the water stays right around 75 or so. Filters, on my 55 gallon I started with Whisper whisper 3 filter (I had to do some MacGyvering to get it to prime up properly i.e. waterproof tape on joints and a water shield to make it quiet) When I went to my 150 gallon Show tank, I added a Magnum canister filter with bio wheels. Once the girls got over 6 inches each in Carapace length I had to switch. I am now using 2 Pondmaster 1500 filters. One has a rebuilt pump and it is pushing out 550 GPH. I believe the other is at 350GPH. My girls have long outgrown this tank, But they get along well most of the time. Before I went to the heat emitter, I used Infrared bulbs. I would of went the stock tank route, but I also have dogs.
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