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Post Posted: Mon Sep 10, 2012 4:09 pm   Need a Good Home for RES

Hello, my name is Ashleigh and I can no longer have my RES. I am a college student and thought I would be able to take her with me but I cannot as she is growing out of the 20 gallon tank she currently lives in. I really don't want to give her to just anyone because she deserves to be taken care of. I live in Northern Michigan so if anyone is in that area it would be ideal because I don't want her to be stressed from travel. I am not looking for money or anything like that, I just want my turtle to have a happy long turtle life. She has a 20 gal tank, 2 lights, a basking area, a filter, two moss balls, and gravel. I also have a gravel vacuum and other cleaning supplies, and food too.
If you are interested please respond here and it will go straight to my e-mail.
Thank you fellow turtle lovers,
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