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Post Posted: Tue Aug 20, 2013 6:36 pm   Algae eater tankmate?

Hey guys another post from me but just asking what's the best algae eating tankmate for a 3 inch RES. Because I have a WILD algae problem well not not the biggest but the rocks in the water are perfect to make green tea soup in my tank ;/ so anyways I was thinking of getting a Chinese algae eater soon but read they only last 2 months I have a tree stump ornament with holes too small for my res and a cave too small for my turtles under my basking area where algae is growing tell me what u think that it thanks bye
2 3 inch RES in 20 gallon gonna upgrade more soon well in December getting a VERY large tank for their new tankmate in December either DBT Map or Reeves Top fin 30 gallon power filter large basking rock 4 rosy red minnows and all living things day bulb
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Post Posted: Wed Aug 21, 2013 11:31 am   Re: Algae eater tankmate?

I wouldn't spend a lot of money on one because they will likely get eaten eventually. Even when I had a 4-5 inch pleco, it was eaten by my turtle. But they do help, and you help their chances of survival by providing hiding places. The best thing you can do is decrease the amount of time light is shining in your water.
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Post Posted: Thu Aug 22, 2013 12:06 am   Re: Algae eater tankmate?

Is the water green or is it just growing everywhere?
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Post Posted: Mon Aug 26, 2013 3:00 am   Re: Algae eater tankmate?

If you have a serious algae problem in your tank, then you need to upgrade your filtration first. With adequate filtration, strong water flow and oxygenation algae won't be a problem. If you have excessive nitrate, change water more frequently. Second, if you want fish to help keep your tank clean, you need to go for a much larger tank. Otherwise, the fish don't have much chance to survive predation should your turtles decide those other guys look a lot like food. It will help a lot if the fish have plenty of places to hide where the turtles can't go. I have a couple of stainless wire shelves on the bottom of the tank that give the fish an inch and a half of relative sanctuary, plus a lot of HEAVY ornaments that provide hiding places and cover the stainless shelves. You could achieve the same with several pieces of ceramic or stainless pipe small enough in diameter to keep the turtles out.

Chinese algae eaters are not the best choice for secondary housekeeping for a couple of reasons. Assuming he doesn't get eaten when small, he will grow up to 12 inches in a few months! As Chinese algae eaters get bigger and older they stop eating algae and get very territorial and intolerant of other tank inhabitants. He wouldn't necessarily be a threat to your turtles, but who wants a big ornery fish that does nothing but harass everyone else in the tank and add to the bio load on your filter? Far better choice is an ancistrus or two ("bristle nose" pleco). These guys are not really plecos; they are a different species, but look very similar when very young. The big difference is a real pleco can grow to 2 feet! whereas the max size for an ancistrus is 5-6 inches.

Another great algae eater is the "albino" Chinese, aka Golden algae eater. These guys only grow to about 5-6 inches, keep eating algae all their lives and don't get nearly as territorial as the brown Chinese. If you have more than one in your tank, however, one will become dominant, grow larger than the other(s) and harass them to some extent.

Whatever fish you decide to put in your tank will require supplemental feeding with real fish food and algae wafers. Otherwise they'll soon starve to death after they've eaten all the algae growing in the tank and cleaned up the turtle food fragments. Also, when you purchase your fish buy the biggest ones you can. There's no sense tempting your turtles with tiny fish that look like baby guppies. I recently bought three otocinclus and the turtles ate two of them within 24 hours. I managed to get the third out of the tank and back to the store alive. The otos were just too small and not able to swim fast enough to keep out of harm's way.

I currently have three RES, 1 is a year and a half (more or less) and the others are 1 year old; two ancistrus; three Golden algae eaters; and, nine corydoras, seven Juliis, one green and one pepper. One of the Goldens is new (in the tank about a month); and the green and pepper corys are new (in the tank about a week), but all the others have shared a tank with the turtles since last December. So far the turtles seem to accept these fish as tank mates and not fast food. I think the otos looked a little too much like baby guppies. Also, my turtles sleep in a separate "night" tank, so the fish have the main tank to themselves all night, although the fish are all very active all day long when the turtles are in the main tank with them, especially the corys; except the ancistrus, which are nocturnal and seldom come out of their cubby holes during the day.

I might have a pretty unique situation, since I work at home and the aquarium is next to my work desk. So I can keep an eye on turtle/fish activity all day. If the turtles suddenly decided the fish look like food, then I would have to make other arrangements. It's an experiment in cohabitation, so we'll see how it goes.
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Post Posted: Thu Oct 10, 2013 5:54 pm   Re: Algae eater tankmate?

Sorry for late post but I upgraded my filter it now deals up to 300 hundred gallons but it's crazy the algae is everywhere so I decided to get some otocats they lasted for well until now I had about 7 of them they did the job but now it's back I'm just gonna get some snails and algae eaters (Siamese)
2 3 inch RES in 20 gallon gonna upgrade more soon well in December getting a VERY large tank for their new tankmate in December either DBT Map or Reeves Top fin 30 gallon power filter large basking rock 4 rosy red minnows and all living things day bulb
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Post Posted: Thu Mar 20, 2014 3:48 pm   Re: Algae eater tankmate?

Be careful with snails if your turt won't eat them because apparently they can breed like crazy! Also, I forget who originally posted it, but I remember coming across a post once that if Plecos get big enough THEY can actually hurt a turt! (In this thread, someone said their Pleco bit their turtle's tail and damaged it's genitalia :( )
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